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Why you should install Security Updates

From time to time, software creators find errors in their software that could be used by criminals to steal users information. Usually, the error is found before it has been exploited by villains on the internet. When the software creator fixes the error, they make a software update available to their users. At the same time, the software creator owns up to the security flaw that was present in the old version of their programs. 

Once the flaw has been made public, wrongdoers will try to take advantage of the flaw, which still exists on all of the computers and/or smart phones that have not yet downloaded and applied the security update. If you are using a computer that is months behind on security updates, you are far more vulnerable to malicious computer users on the internet. 

To update your Mac, simply click on the Apple logo in the top left of your computer’s screen. Then select Software Update…, then follow onscreen prompts. If you need more detailed instructions click here.

To update your iPhone or iPad, tap Settings > General > Software Update. If there is an update available, then tap Download and Install. Your device will restart. For more detailed instructions click here.