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iOS 7 means saying goodbye to your G5.

I like iOS 7 a lot. There are some great features, and a new look that can be surprising at first, but quickly makes iOS 6 look strangely out of date. 

But one effect of upgrading you iPhone/iPad/iPod is that it will never again sync with any Mac without an Intel processor. Syncing an iOS 7 device to a Mac requires iTunes 11.1, which in turn requires Mac OS 106.8 (Snow Leopard). And Snow Leopard can only run on an Intel Mac. If your Mac has an Intel processor but is still running Mac OS X 10.5, you will need to upgrade to 106.8 to keep it working with your iOS 7 devices.

The last PowerPC Macintoshes, running IBM's G5 processor, were discontinued in August 2006, 10 months before the first iPhone was sold. Oddly, iTunes 11.1 can run on Windows XP, which was originally released in 2003.